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He'll always have Paris


Paris Hilton has a new movie out—but not the one you’ve heard about in the tabloids. This one is a legitimate feature film, directed by Moraga native Saran Barnun.

The Hillz is Barnun’s first feature, a coming-of-age story about four boys in Southern California. Hilton plays a gorgeous and out-of-reach woman, which may not sound like a stretch, but the 33-year-old director maintains that Hilton is down to earth.

"She was very low maintenance," says Barnun. "(For lunch), she would just order a Subway sandwich."

Barnun met Hilton four years ago outside a Los Angeles nightclub, before she became famous as a reality-TV star and print model—and infamous for an Internet sex video sold by a former boyfriend. "Most of America didn’t really know who she was until after the sex tapes and The Simple Life. That was a year after we did the shoot," he says.

The casting choice was mutually beneficial. The actress was able to test her dramatic chops, and the director was able sell his film. As soon as Hilton’s reality show, The Simple Life, aired, former Campolindo High School student Barnun secured a DVD distribution deal.

The Hillz is available at Blockbuster, Netflix, and www.thehillzmovie.com

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