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Star Struck Fan


These days, baseball fans are preoccupied with home run records and millionaire players on steroids. But at least one East Bay fan tunes into a much different wavelength. Berkeley-based astrologer Andrea Mallis writes for half of Major League Baseball’s team magazines, and she has appeared on ESPN’s SportsCenter and Baseball Tonight.

DIABLO: How accurate have your predictions been in the past?

MALLIS: Although astrology predicts energies, not necessarily events, I’m still able to flesh out the major planetary cycles that players are experiencing. I accurately predicted that Mark Mulder would come out of his 2002 slump. I also mentioned how the 2004 Super Bowl halftime show (the infamous Janet Jackson wardrobe malfunction) would be exotic, ethereal, and bizarre, and that lots of replays may be needed when strange alignments occur.

DIABLO: Which players should have big years in 2005?

MALLIS: Barry Zito should be rounding back into Cy Young form. His enervating and dispiriting Neptune [planet of nebulousness] opposing Mars [physical energy and vitality] cycle is now officially over. It cast a pall during his two past sub-par seasons. With renewed vigor and intensity, he should rise to the challenge of the ace role with flying colors.

DIABLO: Which A’s may have a tough time in 2005?

MALLIS: Second baseman Mark Ellis should be mindful of re-injuring himself. Capricorn shortstop Bobby Crosby may be off to a very slow start: Last year’s Rookie of the Year starts the season in a Saturn [planet of limitation] cycle.

DIABLO: How will former A’s do for their new teams?

MALLIS:Tim Hudson is an emotional Cancer, and may get off to a sluggish start with Atlanta. But he’s going through his Saturn Return, an auspicious astrological rite of passage that occurs at age 29. For Mark Mulder, last year’s late-season meltdown is a distant memory, as Jupiter makes positive aspects to his Mars. In St. Louis, he should be back to the Leo glory days he knew so well.

Read more from Mallis at www.virgoinservice.com.

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