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Classical Kids


Chloe & Clark
(Courtesy of Elena Pang) 

HOW DO YOU get to Carnegie Hall? Hitch a ride with Chloe and Clark Pang, Orinda’s musical wunderkinds who performed recently in New York’s famed concert hall. Better yet, tune into PBS on April 7, and you’ll see—and hear—their performance.

Chloe, 15, and Clark, 11, performed the second movement of the Shostakovich Sonata in D Minor in the historic venue for PBS’s new music program From the Top: Live From Carnegie Hall. “During the performance, I was concentrating on the music, so it felt like I was practicing at home,” says Clark, whose cello accompanies his sister’s piano. “But after we finished, when the audience applauded, it sent a rush through my entire body.”

The prodigious Pangs are hoping that their friends will tune in and watch the performance, even if they are not familiar with Carnegie Hall’s prestige. “I told my friends who play baseball that [playing Carnegie] would be like playing in the Major Leagues,” says Clark.

From The Top: Live from Carnegie Hall airs April 7 on PBS television stations. For times, and information, go to www.pbs.org and www.fromthetop.org.

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