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Save face with Yoga


The Yoga Facelift
Robert J. Perry

Forget Botox. Just put your eyebrows into a downward dog, and you can take 10 years off, says Marie-Véronique Nadeau, a Berkeley aesthetician and author of The Yoga Facelift (Conari Press, $19.95).

“Yoga face-lift exercises bring all parts of ourselves into harmony, including that part of our body that acts as a conduit to the world outside—the face,” says Nadeau.

The 58-year-old developed the holistic technique by borrowing from and adapting yoga, and adding a pinch of visualization sprinkled with aspects of tai chi and qigong. The result is a concoction of simple exercises that promises to smooth furrowed brows and lift sagging jowls in as little as five minutes a day.

And, hey, even if you’ve still got a few wrinkles left, at least you’ll get a chance to relax and just say “om.”

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