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Style Tips

Style Tips: Match Point


Tennis fashions are evolving as quickly as the ball hits the ground after your overhead smash. So if you’re still sporting whites from the Chris Evert era—or even if your clothes are from the beauty queen Anna Kournikova years—you’re due for an update. If you want to be stylin’, here are a few tips…

*Microfibre fabrics are a must-have to stay cool and comfortable. Cottons will hold the moisture, and if you perspire a lot, you’ll stay wet—that’s not a good feeling!

*Skirts with built-in panties are very common and really comfy. Plus, there’s a cotton panel, so you don’t have to wear anything more.

*Make sure your sports bra has proper support and racer-back straps, so you’re not losing your straps in the middle of a point.

*”White Only” on the court is old school—and very cool! White reflects sunlight and heat while black attracts it. So on a really hot day, go white.

*Tennis attire is more body-conscious than it was “back in the day”—just be sure that you’re not revealing too much as you bend over to pick up balls or dive for a winning shot. Move around in the fitting room as you try on outfits.

*Finally, finish your look with great (and protective) accessories: polarized sunglasses to eliminate glare, a visor to shield your face from the sun, and of course shoes that support and help you run fast and jump high.

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