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Ice Cream for Grown-Ups


Bananas Foster with Myers’s Dark Rum. Limoncello poppyseed. No, these aren’t desserts on the menu at an upscale restaurant. They’re Gelato Classico flavors produced by the San Ramon-headquartered Caffè Classico Foods.

Gelato Classico has the body and elasticity of the stuff you’d find in Rome, and classic flavors form the foundation of its repertoire. Vanilla bean, dark chocolate, caffè moca, and coppa mista (chocolate, pistachio, vanilla, and almond)—all taste pure and delicious.

Caffè Classico makes about 60 flavors of gelato and sorbetto each month at its Concord plant, and has more than 300 recipes in all.

Corporate chef Jeff Hren says curious customers love to ask him what new flavors he’s working on, so here’s a peek at what he’s developed for this spring: peanut butter cup, no-sugar-added java chip, and orange marmalade—vanilla gelato marbled with a tart-and-tangy candied orange zest sauce.

Local restaurants, cafés, and creameries sell the widest variety of Caffé Classico flavors, and a new Gelato Classico shop was due to open last month on Railroad Avenue in Danville. You can also pick up pints of Gelato Classico and Sorbetto Classico at Lunardi’s, Diablo Foods, Whole Foods, Livermore’s East First Street Safeway, Piedmont Grocery, Berkeley Bowl, and Draeger’s.

Go to www.caffeclassicofoods.com for more information.

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