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Waste Not


We in the East Bay can pat ourselves on the back for reducing the amount of trash we’re dumping into landfills. Still, we’re falling a little short of a statewide goal for recycling, composting, and reusing at least 50 percent of our waste, according to the most recent reports.


Tons of household and business waste disposed of in landfills or processing facilities in Alameda and Contra Costa counties.


Percentage of East Bay waste in 2006 that was diverted through recycling, reuse, or composting. Though this “diversion rate” falls short of the statewide goal, it marks a 12 percent improvement over 1995.


Percentage of waste diverted in San Ramon, the town with the highest diversion rate east of the Caldecott Tunnel in 2006. Clayton, with a diversion rate of 49 percent, comes in second.


Estimated tons of leftover food products thrown out by homes, stores, and restaurants in the East Bay in one year. In all, food made up about 26 percent of all garbage making its way to East Bay disposal facilities and was the most common material in the state’s waste stream.

Source:  California integrated Waste Management Board

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