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Goat Meat

Goat meat's the latest gourmet restaurant craze. You can get your own from a local Clayton rancher.


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Get your goat. Get a freezer full, in fact, of fresh, all-natural goat meat raised locally and sustainably at Jim and Eileen Hanson’s HH Ranch in Clayton.

You’ll get your goat wrapped and ready for the freezer in custom cuts that can include chops, steaks, roasts, stew meat, and sausage, along with index cards of recipes. Choose from a whole (40 to 50 pounds) or half goat. Either way, it works out to $5–$6 per pound for the meat.

You might be interested to know that goat has been showing up more and more on upscale restaurants’ menus, including at Café Rouge and Eccolo in Berkeley, and Oliveto in Oakland.

“Goat tastes like beef, but it’s higher in protein and iron, plus lower in cholesterol and fat,” says Jim Hanson.

Goats are green, Hanson further points out, living lighter on the Earth than cows and consuming fewer resources.

The Hansons, who serve as official goat advisers to the local 4-H club, let their herds range free on their 60-acre ranch on Marsh Creek Road.

HH Ranch, (925) 754-6221, hhranchdorsets@hughes.net.

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