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Tuttle Writes for Teens

Bad Girl’s Guide author—and Acalanes High-grad—Cameron Tuttle has a new book series for teens.


Courtesy of Cameron Tuttle

There’s a new girl in town. Her name is Paisley Hanover, and she’s a fictional character who lives in a city that sounds a lot like Lafayette, and goes to a school that sounds a lot like Acalanes High.

It’s no coincidence. The author of Paisley Hanover Acts Out is that bad girl herself, Cameron Tuttle, a 1980 graduate of Lafayette’s Acalanes High. Her bright pink Bad Girl’s Guide books have peppered bookstores since 1999; for a while, it seemed that everyone with an X chromosome was reading about how to unleash her inner wild woman. In fact, Tuttle noticed a lot of 12- to 15-year-old girls were reading her books and decided to apply some Bad Girl aspects to a young adult series.

Enter Paisley Hanover, who in at least three young adult novels (and two lifestyle guides) will explore the phenomenon of being unpopular. Hanover is funny, quirky, and definitely flawed, says her creator, but she’s not a Bad Girl. Well… “not yet.”

Anyone familiar with Acalanes High, with its share of rich kids and high achievers, will recognize Hanover’s high school, Tuttle admits. “But it’s fiction,” she emphasizes, mirth in her voice. “Although her school is called Pleasant Hill High. Shows what a vivid imagination I have.”

Tuttle lives in San Francisco now but is still considered one of Lafayette’s favorite daughters. Might there be a key to the city in her future? She laughs. “If they give it to me, I’m sure someone will change the locks.”

For information and interactive fun, visit paisleyhanover.com.

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