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Finding Her Flow

Best-selling author Kelly Corrigan discusses her upcoming Notes and Words benefit at the Fox Theater.


courtesy of kelly corrigan

Kelly Corrigan is a best-selling author and a busy mom, but she puts philanthropy on the top of her to do list. Last year, the Piedmont resident founded Notes and Words, an annual event that benefits Children’s Hospital and Research Center Oakland.

Diablo: How did the idea to create this event come to you?

Kelly Corrigan: I'd done a couple of readings around the country where more than $1 million was raised, just from people coming to listen to me. I thought, what if we booked someone with real talent, and lots of it.

Music was key. The dream was to create smart, satisfying entertainment with a purpose, and we have.

Why Children’s Hospital Oakland?

My daughter was treated there for meningitis in 2003. They handled it beautifully. This hospital is a cornerstone of the Bay Area. The scale, the research, the facilities, the staff—very few people really understand how lucky we are to have this in our backyard.

How has working on Notes and Words changed your life?

Philanthropy and volunteerism are my religion. I live for “flow”—that state of being where you are completely engaged, at peak productivity, so consumed by your work that you forget to eat or brush your hair. For flow to happen, the work has to be sufficiently complex and, equally important, sufficiently meaningful.

Best-selling authors Michael Lewis and Beth Lisick and musician Megan Slankard perform at Notes and Words on April 1 at Oakland’s Fox Theater. For tickets, go to notesandwords.org.

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