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Green Garlic

Somewhere between chive and garlic, check out this product while it's farm fresh.


Annabelle Breakey

Kristie Knoll is passionate about green garlic. She’d better be because she and her husband grow and distribute hundreds of pounds of the stuff from their Brentwood-based Knoll Farms every spring.

“Talking about and using green garlic are two of my favorite things,” Knoll says.

Young, early-harvest garlic is at its peak during April and May, nicely bridging the time gap when local garlic is still too immature to pick, and dried garlic from last season is sneaking up on year-old status. Resembling chives or leeks, the freshly picked spring garlic has a similar taste and is used in much the same way as mature garlic—while also providing an attractive visual burst of green.

The Knolls first started pushing green garlic in the early ’90s. While it took about 10 years to catch on, the crop can now be found in produce markets as well as on menus across the Bay Area: Walnut Creek’s Va de Vi, Oakland’s Dopo, and San Francisco’s Greens are three A-list restaurants that currently feature it.

For home chefs, one of Knoll’s favorite recipes is mixing chopped green garlic with Cowgirl Creamery’s fromage blanc and spreading it on an Acme baguette.

“But really,” she says, “there are just so many cool things you can do with it.”

 CLICK HERE for tips on how to use green garlic, courtesy of Knoll Farms.



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