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Taste of Europe

Roti8’s Philip Yang brings old-world flavor to Blackhawk.


Photography by Cindy Chew

Philip Yang, the owner of Sasa and Blue Gingko, threw East Bay diners a curveball when the concept for his new Roti8 Rotisserie and Bar turned out not to be Japanese but European. It’s not as big a stretch as you might think: Yang has worked and traveled extensively through Europe, living in such cities as Nice, Barcelona, and Siena, and you can see that influence all over the menu at the Blackhawk Plaza eatery. Below are a few highlights.

3483 Blackhawk Plaza Cir., Danville, (925) 263-2750, roti8.com.


Jamón Ibérico

from Spain

Famously rich, sweet, cured Jamón Ibérico is made from specially raised boars fed a heavy diet of acorns. 

"When I first traveled to Madrid, I went to a place called the Museo de Jamón, a restaurant/deli with cured ham legs lined up along the walls. It was everywhere. For me, the Ibérico has a really sweet, flavorful, dense taste that’s not too gamey."



Eight Treasure Spice Rotisserie

from France

Local free-range organic chicken seasoned with herbes de Provence and served with bread salad.

"I remember in Nice, stopping at this run-down little rotisserie place owned by this old couple. They gave me a piece to try, and I just said, ‘Wow!’ I didn’t know chicken could taste that good, so I wanted to re-
create that taste from my memory."



Wine-Braised Octopus

Spain again!

Octopus braised for three hours in red wine served in a tin with olive oil and smoked paprika.

"They have such great access to fresh seafood in Barcelona, and it’s prepared very simply. The texture of octopus can get tough really easily, so Spanish chefs would always tell me, ‘You need to cook it with lots of love.’"



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