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Pet Madness 2013!

The winners of our annual Pet Madness contest.


It's here! Results are in for our annual Pet Madness contest to determine Diablo's cutest furry friends. Before we get to the winners, we'd just like to thank everyone who participated. As always, the contest's great and enthusiastic response makes it a staff favorite, so please make sure to scroll down to the end to check out all of the entries.

Without further ado... the winners!

First Place: Oliver

Thanks to Susan Donley from Walnut Creek!

"This is Oliver. He is 5. His day job is personal greeter and stick-chewer-in-chief at a flower shop in Walnut Creek, Florali. During his off hours his hobbies are sleeping,  hiking, swimming, snuggling, sleeping, barking at squirrels (and lately wild turkeys), learning English as a second language, and sleeping."

Second Place: Zeus

Thanks to Peg Mehiel from Danville!

"Zeus is the klutsiest, cutest and  most curious puppy ever! Smart, too, but he just doesn't know it yet. Zeus is always into something and can never hide the evidence. He is a gentle pup, soon to be giant and gives almost as much love as we give him. An incredible member of our family bringing us non-stop entertainment and fun. Zeus is pure therapy as you cannot help but laugh with him around you and he loves to snuggle. He is SOOOOOOOO cute! We wish everyone could have a moment with Zeus."

Third Place: Archie & Pearl

Thanks to Loren Delmonico in Walnut Creek!

"Archie is the yin to Pearl's yang. She loves to play with him and keeps him young.  She's a cuddle bug and first to enjoy a cozy lap on the couch.  Archie is a snoring machine who loves to chase bubbles."

Fourth Place: Lizzie

Thanks to Melinda Corr from Walnut Creek

"When my family went looking for a calico kitten at the animal shelter one sunny Saturday, little did we know we would end up leaving with 5 kittens and a 1-eyed momma cat!  When we told the shelter manager what we were looking for, she lead us into the back room, where this little family was about to be put down due to overcrowding.  So what else could we do but foster them all.  The foster group got mamma cat's eye fixed, found homes for a couple of them, and we ended up adopting 3 of the kitties.  Best experience ever!"


Below: all of the 2013 Pet Madness entries

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