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She’s Got Spirit

Five questions for Warrior Girls captain Casey Grimes.


Courtesy of the Warriors


During Danville native Casey Grimes’ six seasons as a Warrior Girl—she started at 17—she’s cheered in the NBA All-Star Game and traveled to six countries. Now she is gearing up to root for her team in the playoffs a second time.

Take me through a typical week.

We practice two to three times per week, four hours at a time. Then we’re with personal trainers two hours a week. Game days are six- to seven-hour days. There’s also the option of community appearances.

Are all of you close friends?

It’s really a sisterhood. People may think we are prissy girls that compete with each other, but it’s not like that. Ninety percent are juggling full-time jobs. Our team prides itself in being
really down to earth.

What do you like about living east of the Caldecott Tunnel?

I like the small-town feel of everybody knowing each other. So many parts of my life are hectic and busy; I like that Danville is quaint and quiet.

It looks like the Warriors will make it into the playoffs twice in a row. How are the playoffs different from regular season?

The biggest thing is the fans. During playoffs, you can’t even stand in the arena; your ears feel like they will pop off your head! It makes us want to really show the fans how much we appreciate them. Their support is just immeasurable.

What are your guilty pleasure foods of choice? A girl needs a cheat day.

My favorite food is waffles, but they have to have peanut butter on them!

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