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Sip on San Leandro's House Kombucha

Switch up your postyoga refuel with a bottle of House Kombucha’s probiotic tea.


Amisha Gurbani

Scan the refrigerated beverage case at your grocery store, and you just might stumble on a local secret: House Kombucha. The San Leandro–based brand may not be the first to catch your eye, but we bet it will win over your taste buds.

True to its name, each bottle of House Kombucha contains only in-house brewed tea—from local tea companies—fermented with a live bacteria and probiotic base, making this kombucha wellness in a bottle.

Praised for its array of health benefits—probiotics are said to help restore stomach flora and detox the body—kombucha has become a favorite drink in the yoga and fitness worlds.  And because House Kombucha is lower in sugar than many other brands, you can enjoy the probiotic benefits without the guilt.


It’s All About the Tea

At House Kombucha, carefully brewed tea is the highlight in each healthy elixir.

Keep It Bubbly

Don’t shake that bottle—you’ll want to keep it fizzy.

Fun Flavors

House Kombucha comes in seven flavors plus a cold-brewed coffee. Try our two favorites: Lavender Lemonade and Sun Blossom.


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