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New: Seoul Jung Korean BBQ October 2017

New: Seoul Jung Korean BBQ

With a dining room evoking South Korea’s modern fashion and ancient architecture, this Seoul-ful Dublin eatery offers an all-you-can-eat, grill-at-the-table menu.

New: Shinmai October 2017

New: Shinmai

With its sleek nightclub appeal and menu mixing snappy izakaya (Japanese small plates) with classic ramen, Shinmai hits Uptown Oakland’s sweet spot.

New: Limón Rotisserie September 2017

New: Limón Rotisserie

Featuring foods from Peru’s highlands and coasts with inspirations from Asia, Africa, and Europe, Limón Rotisserie offers the vibrant flavors of the South American country right here in California.

New: Mockingbird September 2017

New: Mockingbird

This homegrown restaurant was charming when it opened four years ago, but its former location on a sketchy stretch at the edge of Oakland’s Uptown district made return visits unpalatable.

Update: Sasa July 2017

Update: Sasa

Sasa has elevated the dining scene in this restaurant-savvy town since opening in 2009.

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