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Down-Home Design September 2015

Down-Home Design

In Eric Pfeiffer’s home, family and functionality are key.

No Water, No Problem April 2015

No Water, No Problem

These three fabulous low-maintenance gardens don’t sacrifice beauty, even if they do slash your water bill.

The Design Lab February 2015

The Design Lab

Home stylist Laurie Furber creates chic order out of chaos.

Small Sophistication September 2014

Small Sophistication

An Orinda couple find that downsizing doesn’t mean downgrading.

The Heartbreak Market May 2014

The Heartbreak Market

Real estate report.

Chasing the Light April 2014

Chasing the Light

How a TOP West Coast architectural photographer works his magic. 

In the Flow February 2014

In the Flow

How an artist breathes life into her Oakland home.

By Design September 2013

By Design

From Contra Costa boy to celebrity decorator, Nathan Turner makes good.

Hot ’Hoods September 2013

Hot ’Hoods

With the 2008 recession becoming a distant memory, the real estate scene is a seller’s market, thanks to intense demand and shrunken inventory. If you’re thinking about buying a home, the best time was yesterday. The second-best time: today. These hot spots, drawing multiple offers, are closing in on 2007 peaks.

What Millions Will Buy Ya August 2013

What Millions Will Buy Ya

Homes in the San Francisco Bay Area can cost a pretty penny. But these two properties in Contra Costa will run up the bill significantly more than your average mansion.

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