Day Trips



One Fine Weekend -- Ojai September 2010

One Fine Weekend -- Ojai

Escape to a sun soaked valley southeast of Santa Barbara and discover a truly relaxing weekend.

Ready, Set, Go March 2010

Ready, Set, Go

Forget about plane tickets and luggage. With the whole world coming here to see our art, drink our wine, and eat our food, you and your family might just want to refuse to travel anywhere on vacation. So stand your ground, and check out these four perfect day trips.

Staycation Guides October 2009

Staycation Guides

Check out these two local travel books for tips on having a great trip close to home.

Tri-Valley High April 2009

Tri-Valley High

For a fantastic East Bay hike, check out the newly opened Brushy Peak Regional Preserve in Livermore

Wi-Fi Wonderland February 2009

Wi-Fi Wonderland

How to go the whole day in the East bay with free internet access.

Aloha Alameda August 2008

Aloha Alameda

One Fine Day: Los Gatos May 2008

One Fine Day: Los Gatos

How to spend one fine day in Los Gatos.

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