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The Guitar-Maker


The Guitar Maker
Courtesy of Randy Angella

In a carefully cluttered garage workshop inside a modest tract home in Concord, some of the world’s finest classical guitars are crafted by hand. Randy Angella has been studying and patiently creating guitars in the East Bay for 35 years. Now he’s poised to reach the highest ranks of his profession.

Angella’s guitars have found their way into the hands of top musicians, including classical guitarists Michael Lorimer and Manuel Barrueco, but his research may earn him even greater renown. Together with Corey Whitehead, a music professor at Fresno State University, Angella has been studying why different guitars, materials, and notes sound the way they do. Eventually, Angella intends to publish an autobiographical account of his relationship with guitars, which will include the results of his studies with Whitehead.

“I’ve tried to produce a guitar that maximizes a guitar player’s ability to portray the music,” says Angella. “It’s an intellectual instrument instead of just a guitar. That’s what I set out to create.”

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