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Shaping Up


For her new book, Faster, Better, Stronger, longtime fitness writer and Pleasant Hill resident DeAnne Musolf collaborates with a dream duo of health experts to help people craft wellness plans. Focusing on those whose fitness aspirations have fallen short, Musolf conveys the experience of former Olympic gold medalist speed skater Eric Heiden and physician Massimo Testa.

Heiden, now an orthopedic surgeon at his own sports medicine practice in Utah, and Testa, a former physician for some of the world's top cycling teams, know a lot about fitness, and their expertise comes through on every page.

This isn’t a three-easy-steps kind of program. It offers thorough information about diet, exercise, sleep, and the psychological motivation for better fitness. The book is dense, bursting at the seams with knowledge not only on what to do but the scientific explanations for why to do it. This makes for a slow read at times—mitochondria and “rates of perceived exertion” are given nearly as many pages as sit-ups and calories.
But, if you’re patient, the book rewards with a wealth of information (there are six full pages devoted to footwear). In addition, the authors take pains to make the book, and the science behind it, accessible to everyday people, not just Tour de France riders.

Faster, Better, Stronger is sold at most large bookstores and is available in e-book format at www.harpercollins.com.

Click here for an excerpt from Faster, Better, Stronger.

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