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Passion Project

Jack Passion talks about Wisker Wars.


Karolina Wojtasik/IFC

To Walnut Creek residents, Jack Passion is “that guy with the beard.” The 27-year-old is about to make a national splash on Whisker Wars, a docu-series that follows Passion to the world beard-growing championship in Norway.

Q: What’s it like to wear that beard?
A: If I go into Nordstrom to buy a pair of jeans, everyone gawks, and it’s kind of intense. However, if you can keep the beard up in the Walnut Creek social climate, going to a facial hair competition is a piece of cake.

Q: What will Whisker Wars be like?
A: It’s definitely funny. These bearded men are total divas. I’m the Muhammad Ali of facial hair: I go into a tournament and dominate, and then there is this trail of jealous little boys who whine about losing. I’m a villain and a hero.

Whisker Wars premieres August 5 on IFC channel.

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