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Saucy Selection

A new Livermore joint offers up five lip-smacking choices to slather on smoked meat.


While Livermore’s hottest new restaurant is called Sauced, don’t expect your food to arrive smothered in Bull’s-Eye. Co-owner and chef Brenden Scanlan smokes 620 pounds of choice pork, chicken, and beef with apple and hickory wood for up to 14 hours every day. And he wants you to taste it first.

“Let the meat do the talking,” he says. Then, turn your attention to the bottles of house-made BBQ sauces on each table. The tastes were perfected during Scanlan’s three years on the competition BBQ circuit in Atlanta, Georgia, and beginning this month, they’ll be bottled and sold at the restaurant.
Which to choose? Here’s a cheat sheet.

Tin Roof

Origins: This all-purpose Kansas City–style sauce is “as standard as you can get,” says Scanlan. (Look up. The restaurant’s reclaimed metal ceiling is anything but standard.)
Taste: A tomato base sweetened with molasses, brown sugar, and honey.
Meat pairing: Everything.

Hot Tin Roof

Origins: Only reach for this amped-up version of the Tin Roof sauce if you have a high tolerance for heat.
Taste: A sweet tomato base with “more habanero than you want to know,” says Scanlan. The fresh peppers are roasted then pureed.
Meat pairing:  Everything.

Georgia Gold

Origins: Some customers have accused this tangy, mustard-based sauce of not being BBQ, but the style is popular in Georgia and the Carolinas.
Taste: No ketchup here. The recipe’s blend of mustard, sugar, and vinegar (plus soy sauce and honey) has just the right balance of sweet, sour, and spicy.
Meat pairing: Pulled pork or chicken.

Pig Candy

Origins: Styles like this one have been winning BBQ competitions along the East Coast by blasting judges’ taste buds with memorable flavor.
Taste: Supersweet, with a little heat from red pepper flakes, this sauce’s ingredient list includes maple and karo syrup, apple jelly, and honey. “There is a reason it’s called candy,” says Scanlan.
Meat pairing: Ribs, pulled pork, or chicken.

Mop Sauce

Origins: BBQ aficionados know to ask for this off-menu sauce, which originated in North Carolina. It’s brushed on all pulled pork during smoking.
Taste: Cider vinegar, ketchup, red pepper flakes, and sugar—a thin sauce that packs a thick punch of flavor.
Meat pairing: Pulled pork.

2300 First St., Livermore, (925) 961-1300, saucedbbqandspirits.com.


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