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Supersize It

Check out this cool exhibit!


Carol Selter

We’re accustomed to being a towering presence in our pets’ lives. And then we meet Dunderhead, artist Robb Putnam’s nine-foot mutt made of fabric, plastic, leather, rubber, and rope—and suddenly understand what it means to feel small.

On view through August 18 at Bedford Gallery, Larger than Life explores the spectacle of size, the ways artists use height and width to influence meaning, and our visceral reactions to their work. Chuck Close’s nearly nine-foot Jacquard tapestry of Brad Pitt is among the highlights, and gives visitors an intimate view of a celebrity who is larger than life in his own right.

“The work in this show is both fantastic and humbling: You really feel the majestic qualities of largeness,” curator Carrie Lederer says. “You’re drawn to the work, but there’s a little bit of fear, too.”

There’s also plenty of humor and whimsy, especially with Philadelphia artist Tristin Lowe. Known for his unconventional use of everyday materials, Lowe’s 10-foot-high, inflatable Dumbo elephant takes us back to childhood.


For information, visit bedfordgallery.org.


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