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Pinning Isn’t Always Winning

Pinterest fail secrets.


Courtesy of Jenna Andersen

When Jenna Andersen realized how often her Pinterest projects weren’t turning out like the pictures she saw online, she decided to create a site for others to join in on the hilarity of it. Diablo chatted with the Fremont resident about the flops she now encounters as moderator of Pinterest Fail.

Q: Why do so many Pinterest projects fail?
A: Many people don’t read the instructions all the way through before they start—then they miss something valuable and have to substitute. Other times, it’s a user’s skill set: Just because you have step-by-step instructions, doesn’t mean that you should attempt a three-tiered, fondant-decorated cake if you’ve never baked anything before. And some are just bad pins.

Q: What’s the most memorable entry you’ve ever received?
A: There’s one called “morning balloon surprise.” You take crepe paper and make a web outside someone’s bedroom door, with balloons stuffed inside. When the person opens the door, the balloons are supposed to magically spill into their room. A set of parents did this for their six-year-old son—but he had a nightmare. He tried to run out of his room and instead got attacked in the dark by the balloons.

Courtesy of Jenna Andersen Q: How about the most common fail?
A: The dried strawberries pin is a favorite of mine. You are supposed to be able to bake them and turn them into gummy candies, but people just end up with dried-out, flavorless, shriveled pieces of what used to be a strawberry.

Q: I have flopped with that recipe, too. Do you still use Pinterest?
A: I do, but in a different way. If I plan an event, I use Pinterest to inspire a thing or two—not to create the whole thing. I feel less of a desire to make everything look Pinterest perfect, or to pour time and money into something that may not come out like I expect.

Q: Your site is pretty popular. Do you think it will grow?
A: I prefer running it on the side and just having a good laugh with it. I’m not sure I want it to change: I don’t want to become the Martha Stewart of failing! pinterestfail.com.


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