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What $1 Million Can Buy You in the East Bay

Have cash to burn? Here’s what you can get for $1 million in the region today.


A million dollars used to sound like all the money you’d ever need. But in the East Bay—with skyrocketing real estate prices, an insatiable demand for luxury goods, and billion-dollar tech-firm valuations at every turn—it doesn’t necessarily go that far. Here’s a closer look at what $1 million can buy you in the region right now.


1 pied-à-terre in downtown Walnut Creek: A brand-new, ultramodern, 1,300-square-foot, two-bedroom, two-bathroom, multistory condo a couple blocks from Broadway Plaza will set you back seven figures—but most units include a covered parking spot, which in the long run, might be worth the $1 million all by itself.




3 911 GT2 RS Porsches: Even if the gridlock on Highway 680 prevents you from showing off the acceleration, speed, and handling, a Porsche 911 GT2 RS with the Weissach package (if you have to ask, you may not need it), concert-​level sound system, and leather interior will turn heads. Why not pick up three, so the spouse and kid can drive in style as well?




30 tricked-out Gaggenau 400 ovens: Fancy yourself a gourmet cook but lack the equipment to match your vision? Now, you can buy a Gaggenau 400 oven (with a warming drawer, vacuum drawer, microwave, and espresso machine)—and get one for 29 friends and family members, too, so you’ll never have to endure a botched holiday meal again.




100 acres of Mount Diablo open space: The nonprofit Save Mount Diablo has preserved the area’s most magnificent landmark for years, and $1 million will add another 100 acres of protected parkland, so they never turn into garish McMansions that mar the landscape’s natural beauty. And like diamonds, those acres are forever.




240 cases of Joseph Phelps Backus Vineyards Cabernet Sauvignon: Stockpile one of Napa Valley’s best vintages of recent years so you can drink a case each month until 2038. The experts are divided, though, on whether you should dive right in or wait a couple years before savoring the big, bold, and muscular wine.




800 Sunday dinners for four at Commis: The East Bay’s only Michelin-​starred restaurant (it has two stars, actually) offers a prix fixe menu with wine pairings for about $250. Add in tax and tip, and dinner for four comes to a cool $1,250. But with $1 million, you, your partner, and two pals can dine at Commis every week for more than 15 years.

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