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Jun 24, 200904:00 PMBest Of Editor Picks

Diablo Fit: Power Plate Workouts #3

Jun 24, 2009 - 04:00 PM
Diablo Fit: Power Plate Workouts #3

I can’t believe a woman at the gym just came over to tell me that I do awesome pushups. They are my nemesis. I have never been very good at them.

But she’s right. This is only my third week doing a Power Plate workout at ClubSport Renaissance in Walnut Creek—and I nailed my pushups. Actually, I nailed the whole 30-minute session with my trainer, Mary Ann DeCosta. And I am stunned beyond belief.

Mary Ann designed a 10-minute routine that I am supposed to do 3 times through, as fast I can, for a super intense and efficient 30-minute workout. When I started the training three weeks ago, I didn’t think I would be able to finish the 30-minute sequence. I thought I was fairly fit, but I could barely do the squats, oblique crunches, lunges, and ab crunches.

Now, not only can I do them, but I beat my times and reps on almost every round, including the 500 meters of rowing, which I get down to 2:34 today, which is 12 seconds faster than my best time. (My son would say that’s ‘sick.’)

The 10-minute set includes 1 minute of pushups on the Power Plate, which vibrates, making the pushups harder to control for a more challenging workout. Today, I did 23 on my first set. Then 17 with 15 more on my knees for round two, and 20 full with 12 on knees for round three. That’s 10 more ‘full’ pushups than I did in three rounds last week. More importantly, I feel stronger and more confident and not so wimpy about them.

I also realize I couldn’t do any of this without Mary Ann urging me on during the sets and telling me I could do it. I wouldn’t even try this on my own. I’d just pop into a spin class instead. Maybe I’d burn as many calories, (397 in 30 minutes today) but I wouldn’t be working as much muscle. I feel more fit, and my muscles look more toned. It’s nice a nice difference to feel and see.

Still, I’d like to lose a few pounds. Every year as I get older, the battle to maintain my weight seems to get harder. Mary Anne says we need to tackle my diet. So, I’m going to keep a diary of everything I eat for a week for her to review.

What do you think? If I can learn to do 60 real pushups in a half-hour workout, maybe I can make some changes to my diet that will also produce results? It’s worth a shot, eh?

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