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Oct 28, 200901:14 PMBest Of Editor Picks

Supernatural Secrets of Haunted Clayton

Oct 28, 2009 - 01:14 PM
Supernatural Secrets of Haunted Clayton

In the October issue, we checked out some of the East Bay's haunted hot spots. Turns out Clayton might just be the epicenter of East Bay paranormal activity—and you can discover more about haunted Clayton during the annual Halloween Ghost Walk, led by local historian Richard Taylor, on October 31. Don’t forget to bring a flashlight and a little courage! As Taylor says, “we’re never alone on the walk!” Here's a preview of some of the spooky tales you'll hear on the walk:

•    The Ghost of Granny Sarah Norton: Now a local legend, Granny Smith was killed in a buggy accident while racing back to Clayton. Laid to rest in Rose Hill Cemetery, it is said that a storm prevented her proper burial. Since then, the “White Witch” has been spotted on dark and stormy nights, sighted wearing a white gown and roaming the hills.
•    Bully Ingram: Supposedly first Caucasian inhabitant in the area, Bully, an old sea pirate, lived in a cave by Mitchell Creek. As the story goes, he was ambushed and killed by Indians while guiding a governor of California across Marsh Creek. Old Bully’s cave is one of the many stops along Clayton’s annual Halloween Ghost Walk.
•    The Village Oak Shopping Center Ladies Room: A group of local beauticians from the Center’s beauty shop once reported that every time they would use the restroom, they felt like they were being watched. Supposedly, a few years ago, a police officer patrolling the area one evening noticed that the door to the ladies bathroom was open, and stopped to investigate. He entered the bathroom only to find it empty. But as he turned around and faced the mirror, he saw the image of a Hispanic man standing over his shoulder in the corner. According to psychics who visited the bathroom, the shopping center, which is built over an old creek, where a Hispanic man was killed and buried, directly under where the ladies room is located.
•    The Clayton Library: Here’s a fun bedtime story for the kiddies. It seems the Clayton Library has been built over part of the Bay Miwok Village burial ground. Paranormal activity such as electric doors that stick, clock running at separate times, speeding up or stopping all together, or heat that rises up through the ground have all been sited.
•    The Clayton Club and Keller House: Aside from the cool trap door that was discovered under the bar, out front of the Clayton Club is the site where a Union Captain was shot out of his saddle during the Civil War. Take a trip down into the basement of the Keller House and you’ll find more than the furnace—a full Native American skeleton is preserved in the stone walls of the room.

Meet at Endeavor Hall in downtown Clayton for the Annual Ghost Walk, October 31 from 7:30–10 p.m. Endeavor Hall is located at 6008 Center St. in Clayton. For more information contact Richard Taylor at (925) 672-6171.

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