Ski on Screen

Ski season's unofficial kickoff is the annual screening of the latest Warren Miller movie at the Lesher Center for the Arts in Walnut Creek.

Courtesy of Warren Miller Entertainment

The Lesher Center gets an altitude adjustment on November 10, when Warren Miller Entertainment presents its annual winter sports film, Chasing Shadows.

This 66th edition of the iconic sports film series is a celebration of why skiers and snowboarders commit themselves every winter to a passion that’s guaranteed to melt away every spring. Miller’s annual film marks the beginning of colder weather and presents premier cinematography that reignites the excitement for winter sports.

Miller once said, “Skis are the ultimate transportation to freedom,” and in this year’s film, Chasing Shadows, skiers and snowboarders are chasing storms, snow, and lines that live on the world’s highest peaks to find the freedom that these things grant us. The film is a cinematic celebration of a sport at its highest form, and a must-see on the giant screen in the Hofmann Theatre.