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The Inside Track on the Remodel Process

Learn more about what you need to know when remodeling your home

“I always look at the remodel process as a combination of three items: Time, Frustration, and Money,” shares Mrs. Riley, a remodeling client of Altera Design and Remodeling in Walnut Creek, California. “When you’re going into a remodel, these are the three things that you need to take into consideration. Homeowners need to figure out what is the most important to them in regards to time, frustration, and money.”

The statement made by Mrs. Riley is really very insightful when you breakdown the individual elements that she refers to:

Time is in reference to not only the length of time that your project will take to be completed, but also to the accuracy of the initial estimated completion date. There are lots of minute and critical details that go into the accuracy of the project completion date, and also in managing the project to ensure that the completion date is met. Depending on the complexity of your remodeling project, there are hundreds, if not thousands, of individual details that need to be properly coordinated to ensure deadlines are met. Lack of attention to detail and disorganization will cause delays in completing any remodeling project.

Frustration is what happens when things don’t go right with your project. Essentially, this is a customer-service level consideration. How much frustration do you want to experience with your remodeling project? Miscommunications, inaccurate details, careless mistakes, and an overall lack of personal caring for the project are all possible causes of frustration.

The third item to consider is money. This is obviously the price that you are going to pay for your remodeling project. If getting the lowest price for your remodeling project is your number one primary decision-making criteria, then you can simply follow the age-old advice of calling three contractors and getting three bids for your project, then choose the company with the price that you’re comfortable with.

However, as Mrs. Riley points out during her interview, her main decision-making criteria was not money (the price of the project). She wanted a combination of all three-- she wanted a fair price, with accurate project timelines, and a no-frustration experience. “Altera Design was not the cheapest, but they provided us with a no frustration experience. Additionally, for our project, they told us that they would start on a specific date and be done on a specific date and they were… we were able to get back into our kitchen when they said we would,” added Mrs. Riley.

If you are considering remodeling your home, it’s critical to understand what’s truly important to you in regards to Time, Frustration, and Money. That knowledge will better guide your decision-making process on which company to hire for your project.

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