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Live Blog: The Long Road to Tahoe

Major storm means heavy gridlock. Get first-person updates on the traffic nightmare from Diablo's intrepid editor.


Thinking of sneaking out early today to get up to Tahoe for the long weekend? This photo from Diablo editor-in-chief Susan Safipour, who's on the way to Northstar on I-80, is what you can look forward to. Nasty weather in the Sierras has forced the closure of both interstates 50 and 80, the main routes to Tahoe skiing. According to the most recent reports, as of 10:30 am, highway 50 had just re-opened, but either way, it looks like major traffic and long delays. We'll keep you posted on her not-so-excellent adventure. 






UPDATE: 11:10 a.m.

Uh oh, it looks like Susan has ventured off of I-80 ...

Here's a message from her after she got off the freeway around Colfax:

We have no map. We're just using google iphone maps. We're on Rt. 174, Rollins Lake Road. Never been here before and no other cars on the road—quite an adventure. If you don't hear from us ... Call ski patrol!

We think we found rollins lake!

We’re either getting braver or dumber. Now we're on unploughed back roads


UPDATE: 11:40 am

Success! Apparently Susan managed to sneak around the road closure at Colfax and is cruising free and easy on her way to North Lake. Here's her last message and photo:

We're going 50 heading to Summit.

That's fancy driving. Below is our best educated guess for how Susan managed to outwit the weekend Tahoe gridlock. And for a final traffic tip, check out the Caltrans website, dot.ca.gov, which lets you just punch in any highway number to get live traffic updates.

Gotta love a happy ending, here's the last note from Susan, atop Donner Summit:

5 hours later. We made it! Now we're ordering lunch from Burger Me! To go. To get to slopes by 1.

And Finally ...

Happy long weekend!