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Back to School Style

Diablo’s teen blogger has three easy outfits for fall fashion.

Even with the leaves still green, school is approaching in just days, and nobody seems to know what to wear. Luckily, I have three perfect outfits to start off the school year with tons of complements and self-confidence.

Wear One Bold Item

The white crop top keeps the look clean and simple while the statement multicolor skort adds a bit of color and personality. This outfit as a whole is light and perfect for a warm day at school and is also comfortable, which is ideal for walking to and from classes. Although my Converse are no longer white, they are classic and keep the outfit casual for daytime.

White crop top, $8, and skort, $50, at Topshop; Converse shoes, $49.95, at Nordstrom.

Balancing Out a Girly Piece

Incorporating a feminine lace crop top with an army green skirt is another winning outfit for a warm day at school. The gladiator sandals give off a summery vibe but are still functional. Lastly, a multicolor bracelet adds a pop of color to this otherwise neutral look. This is one of my favorite outfits because it is simple and subtle but still stylish.

Lace crop top, $14.90, and army green skirt, at Nordstrom; sandals, $34, at Sway Chic.

Wearing Transition Pieces

This last outfit works for both the end of summer and autumn because there are layers of clothing, making it easy to modify according to the weather. The denim flannel can be tied around your waist on a warmer day, but as it gets colder can be worn as a jacket; the light frilly socks can be replaced with tights, and knee-high boots can be subbed in. Another idea is to add a long-sleeve shirt under the dress or another coat on top to keep you warm as the wind begins to blow.

Dress, $14.80, at Forever 21; denim top, $26.50, at H&M; tan shoes, $67.71, at Asos.

Aly Fosbury is a sophomore at Northgate High School in Walnut Creek and posts regularly on her blog, www.damselinadressblog.com.