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Mispronounced Designer Names

The guide to not butchering your favorite designer’s name….again.

Courtesy of Louis Vuitton     


 Courtesy of Givenchy                                   Courtesy of Proenza Schouler    


How often have you read the infamous fashion designers name, Yves Saint Laurent or even HervÈ LÈger, but ended up keeping your mouth shut in fear of butchering these commonly mispronounced names just like your best friend did last week? Guilty. I stand right next to you and, even as a fashion obsessed nerd, these European names have come out of my mouth butchered.

Wouldn’t you love to have a French accent whenever you wanted and wouldn’t it be glorious to have the ability to let a name roll off your tongue without questioning it? Well, me too. It’s true that even the savviest of tastemakers will come across a beauty brand or designer technique that will be out of reach to nail on the first swing, so don’t feel too bad! Thankfully, for you and I both, I’ve curated a beginner list for the process of mastering runway names. Take note, because the next time Ralph Lauren or Givenchy comes up in a who, what, wear conversation, I guarantee you won’t miss a beat!

    Bulgari - BUHL-guh-ree

Givenchy - zhee-von-she 

Hermés - air-mez 

Illamasqua - ill-ah-moss-kwa 

Lanvin - lahn-vahn

Louboutin - loo-boo-tan

Louis Vuitton -lou-ee VEE-tonn

Narciso Rodriquez - nar-SIS-oh rah-DREE-gez

Yves Saint Laurent - eve sanh la-rahn

Proenza Schouler - pro-en-za skool-er 

HervÈ LÈger: AIR-vay-lay-JEH

Emilio Pucci: eh-MEE-lee-oh-POO-chee

Jean Paul Gaultier: jahn-paul-go-TYAY

Ralph Lauren - ralf LOR-uhn

Thakoon: ta-KOON

Tibi: t-BEE

Sonia Rykiel: SONE-yuh-reek-YELL

In addition to acting as Diablo’s summer style intern, Demi Marchese chronicles fashion, food, and more at her blog, Flaunt the Love.