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Top Tips: Edge’s Todd Weinberg

The owner and founder of Danville’s nonprofit men’s (and women’s!) store breaks down the easiest way to upgrade a tee, incorporate color, and revamp your basics.

Todd Weinberg

Above photo by Amelia Arvesen, rest by Todd Weinberg.

Danville’s Edge Boutique owner and founder, Todd Weinberg, looks polished in a charcoal gray button up that complements his peppered goatee and slick sunglasses, but he’s not just known for his style. In addition to bringing his fashion expertise and sophisticated taste in clothing to the local community, Weinberg gives back 100-percent of Edge’s profits to local, domestic, and international charities. The 43-year-old Danville resident keeps busy as a private pilot, real estate developer, and avid mountain biker, but we managed to catch him just long enough to share his favorite styling tips.


Use your tee as a conversation starter

Toss your identical Hanes and opt for a vintage tee instead. Rather than advertising a brand, have fun with your graphic tee and let your shirt do the talking for you. “Make sure that the graphic you select on the tee has the right blend of art and edge, and avoid crass, immature, or highly embellished prints,” Weinberg advises. “ Instead, look for something unique and artistic that actually speaks to your own personal interests or persona.”

Incorporate hints of color (color doesn’t always mean neon)

Jeans will always be in style, but colored denim, chords, or twills add interest. For more conservative, work-appropriate attire, Weinberg recommends offseting an otherwise drab outfit with pants in muted colors such as charcoal gray, khaki, black, navy blue, taupe, dark green, and dark brown. “On the other hand, outside of the workplace, you may want to break free of the traditional and experiment with more vibrant, unconventional colors,” he says. “Working these brighter colors into your shirt selections and/or tie patterns can really set you apart in a crowd.”


Accessorize the manly way

Tastefully add personality to your wardrobe by accessorizing with masculine staples such as a classic watch and versatile belt. “Other key accessories to consider include a quality supple leather wallet or briefcase, some well-edited shades, and, nowadays, even a unique and distinguishable iPhone cover or case,” he says.

Revamp your basics

Pump up the volume in your wardrobe by splurging on high-quality basics like the V-neck tee or funky socks. Weinberg is confident details like the softness of the cotton tee or pattern of the socks won’t go unnoticed. “If you think you'll be sitting at a table in a meeting, at the movies, or anywhere else where you may cross your legs in a chair and show a little ankle, it's fun to throw a little curveball and show off something different covering those happy feet,” he says.


Look dapper in denim

Although skinny jeans continue to reappear, Weinberg warns they aren’t for everyone. “Every guy wants to release his inner David Lee Roth, but the reality is that few of us have the body to really pull off a skinny jean,” he says. There is also a major difference between economy jeans and premium denim. “I'd much rather advise a guy to have two to three really nice pairs of fashion denim, versus six to eight pairs of economy jeans in his wardrobe.”

Edge Boutique, 145 E. Prospect Ave., Danville, (925) 831-8500, shop-edge.com.

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