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Moneyball Movie Extras: Share Your Story!

Were you one of the hundreds of Oakland A's fans that spent late nights in the coliseum as a Moneyball extra? We want to know all about your experience.

Last summer, hundreds of Oakland A's fans spent some late evenings at the Oakland Coliseum as extras in Moneyball. With the film—which portrays the 2002 team and manager Billy Beane, played by Brad Pitt—about to the big screen on September 23, we want to hear all about your experience as an extra—and see your photos, too!

Did you get Brad's autograph? Where did you sit in the stands? Did it feel like a real game? Were you decked out in green and gold? Do you think you'll get some frame time in the final edit of the movie?

Please fill out the form below (and upload your favorite photo), and then check back next week to see a compilation of Diablo readers' memories and photos. Also: Moneyball fans won't want to miss Diablo's October issue, which goes behind-the-scenes of the film with a feature on the all-star line-up of actors, writers, and directors.


Please respond by Friday, September 23, to be considered.

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What is your favorite memory about being an extra in the Moneyball movie?

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