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Killer Thriller: French film Roman de Gare

Not into Hollywood blockbusters? Here's a great little French movie that's packed with surprises

Driving home from work last night, I pulled off at the Pleasant Hill Cinearts to watch Roman de Gare, a French crime thriller that I knew nothing about. It's always a treat to walk into  film with no baggage or expectations, and I was really impressed by the movie. Roman de Gare is a crazy mishmash of genres, red herrings, and Hitchcockian suspense, that teases you into thinking you're watching a conventional Hollywood-style serial killer movie and then continues to pile twist upon twist until you're not sure what hell you're watching. But in a good way. It was directed by Claude Lelouch, whose 1966 movie A Man and a Woman is a classic, but I've never seen it. While I'm thinking of it, other solid contempo-French-Hitchcockian thrillers include With a Friend Like Harry and Read My Lips, if you're looking for something new in your Netflix queue.