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Orinda mom makes movie deal

Orinda filmmaker Julie Rubio gets distribution deal for her debut feature

Julie Rubio directing Six Sex Scenes and a Murder

Courtesy of Julie Rubio

Just heard from Julie Rubio, an Orinda resident I wrote about last February, when she was finishing principal photography on her independent feature film Six Sex Scenes and a Murder. Rubio recently announced that she got a distribution deal through Panorama Entertainment, which means her movie will be coming out on dvd, and possibly in a limited release in movie theaters.

I watched a cut of the film recently and was impressed with Rubio's work. Six Sex Scenes and a Murder is an erotic thriller involving a cast of characters all offer alibis to a nightclub murder—each suspect was involved in a kinky liaison at the time of the shooting, so they couldn't possibly have killed that man (even though he had it coming). Rubio's screenplay allows for plenty of nicely photographed hanky-panky and some sexy sequences involving film noir femmes and nightclub dancers. Essentially, it's the kind of guilty pleasure that would be perfect for Cinemax After Dark or HBO's Red Shoe Diaries.

The movie was shot on tons of East Bay locations, including the Uptown nightclub in Oakland and the Buchanan Field airport in Concord. I'll post more information about local screenings when I get it, but for now, hats off to a local mom for getting a movie deal on her debut feature!