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The Re-Opening of the Rheem

Classic movie theater reopens in the Moraga hills

Last weekend I was at a party for the Town Hall Theatre and someone told me that the Rheem Theater had closed. I felt a sharp, sickened pang in my side, a jab I had not felt since I received similar news about the adorable Lafayette Park Theater's closing a few years back. The Rheem Theater is a little gem, a throwback to the old days of cinema, when towns built movie palaces in their downtowns for the community to enjoy. Too many of these cinema treasures have been shut down by the massive megaplexes, that make up for a lack or personality by showing commercials and too many previews before their mainstream flicks.

Fortunately, the information i received about the Rheem was innacurate. Apparently, the theater has changed ownership, and the theater was simply shut down for some clean up work to get ready for summer blockbuster season. The main lobby reopens tonight for an 8 p.m. screening of Ironman, and I'm going to make sure I spend my money to see this superhero flick at the Rheem. You should too!

Rheem Theatre
350 Park St
Moraga, CA 94556
(925) 988-3411