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Fantastic French thriller: Tell No One

If you like mysteries, make sure to see this one on a big screen

Everybody's all hyped up about Batman and rightfully so: The Dark Knight is the most spectacular big budget blockbuster to come around in a long, long time. But if you're a mystery lover like me, you'll want to check out the French thriller Tell No One, playing now at the Albany Cinema and the Embarcadero in San Francisco. Hopefully, it will come to the Orinda or the Pleasant Hill Cinearts soon, as a film this smart and entertaining will find an audience in CoCoCounty.

The movie is based on a novel by American author Harlan Coben, who collaborated on the screenplay with writer/director Guillaume Canet. The densely plotted story revolves around a doctor, whose wife was murdered...perhaps...eight years earlier. The doctor had been a suspect in his wife's murder, as he was found unconscious at the murder site. Flash forward eight years, and he's plowing through life as a widower. Police find two bodies buried on his property near the site of his wife's murder. meanwhile, the doc gets an e-mail with a link to a live webcam that suggests his wife is still alive. The e-mail's message "Tell no one".

It's a great set up, worthy of the overused "Hitchcockian" tag. A wrongly accused man, piecing together clues to save his own skin, and solve the mystery that's haunted his life. Director Canet guides a wonderful cast—including Kristen Scott Thomes (The English Patient) who speaks perfect French, through a labyrinthine mystery, including flashbacks and Bourne Identity-style chases across busy highways and through bustling bazaars. The set-up is intense, but very involving, and the pay-off is complex...and very satisfying. Tell No One is one of the best films of the year, and highly recommended for adults who like their entertainment to come with an extra helping of brains.