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New season of Mad Men premieres July 27

This killer AMC show has audiences forgetting about how much they miss the Sopranos and the Wire already

I'm halfway through season one of Mad Men on dvd, hoping to get through it before the premiere of season two this Sunday. Have you seen this show? It's amazing! It's like The Best of Everything, Twin Peaks, and The Sopranos wrapped up into one delicious hour. Big props to AMC for its foray into original programming. For the uninformed, Mad Men is about the world of early 1960s Madison Avenue advertsing executives, and features some of the coolest set decorations and art design I've ever seen on television. The melodramatic story arc involves ad exec Don Draper (Jon Hamm), his secret identity, the sinister side of the Leave it to Beaver suburbs, sexist office politics, three martini lunches, and oh, so much more. Here's some info for fans, including a live chat this weekend with the show's creator.