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Wine lovers will dig "Bottle Shock"

Locally produced indie about historic 1970s tasting challenge that put Napa on the wine lover's map

Looking for the anti-blockbuster movie experience? You can't go wrong with Bottle Shock, a sweet little independent film that was shot up in Napa last year. The movie offers the "based on a true story" tale of how Napa came to the fine wine table—when, in 1976, some upstart Napa wineries bested acclaimed French wineries in a blind tasting. It's a feel-good, Rocky-for-wine lovers, little charmer that wears it's heart on its sleeve. For a small-budget film, Bottle Shock boasts an impressive cast, including Alan Rickman (Die Hard) as a British ex-pat who is running a failing Parisian wine shop, Bill Pullman (The Last Seduction, Zero Effect) as a stubborn Napa winemaker, and Freddie Rodriguez (Six Feet Under), as an ambitious apprentice wine maker. Napa is beautifully photographed in this very pleasant pic, which goes down easy and boasts a terrific finish. Bottle Shock opens Friday, August 6 at the Albany Theater and San Francisco's Embarcadero Cinemas.