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Cult Classic: The Foot Fist Way

Made for zero budget, this indie film creates a big new comedy star

Guys, if you're looking to wash that sickly sweet 2 1/2 hour Sex and the City taste out of your mouth—or, if you're looking for just looking for laughs of the darkest kind, venture over to the Shattuck Cinema in Berkeley this week to see The Foot Fist Way. This tiny budgeted film about a clueless Tae Kwon Do instructor features an awesome lead performance from Danny McBride. McBride plays Fred Simmons, a self-loathing jackass of the highest order who runs a Tae Kwon Do studio out of a North Carolina strip mall. Where bigger-budgeted goofball comedies (think Old School or Wedding Crashers) went for laughs through over the top hi-jinks before eventually wearing out their welcome by telling too much too-predictable story, The Foot Fist Way benefits from its economy. Clocking in at a brisk 87 minutes, this indie is fast, cheap, and totally tacky...and fascinating from start to finish. Fred Simmons is a vulgarian, an idiot, and a mess, but he's believable in a Cops kind of way, thanks to McBride's mannered performance. Watch for McBride in two much bigger comedies this summer—he'll be stealing scenes in Pineapple Express and Tropic Thunder. For now, he's a kung fu panda for audiences who like their comedy down and dirty.