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R.I.P. Stan Winston

Legendary makeup artist passes away at 62

I was sad to hear about the passing of Stan Winston, the makeup and creature effects artist who passed away this week at 62. Winston created many of modern movies best monsters, goblins, and characters, including the Alien, The Terminator's cyborgs, Jurassic Park's dinosaurs, Edward Scissorhands' hands, the Predator, and most recently, Iron Man's metal suit. The guy was a genius.

If you're looking for something to Netflix, here are some Winston influenced films that can't miss. First, for R-rated sci fi horror, try John Carpenter's brilliant, and underrated The Thing, which has some of the gnarliest creature effects of all time. A more family friendly picture is Galaxy Quest, which has wonderful makeup and creature effects, and is fine for ages 10 and up. And horror fans should make sure to check out the one feature that Winston directed, Pumpkinhead.