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Free Movie: To Catch a Thief

Alfred Hitchcock teams with Cary Grant and Grace Kelly for an elegant thriller about a cat burglar in paradise; free at the Orinda on November 13.

This month's entry in our monthly Classic Film Series at the Orinda TheatreTO CATCH A THIEF—fits perfectly in the "They don't make 'em like they used to" file. Here's the evidence:

First of all, as great as David Fincher is and Brian DePalma was, there was only one Master of Suspense—Alfred Hitchcock. Hitchcock excelled at making great cinematic art that was also massively popular box office product, and To Catch a Thief is a perfect example. Spectacularly shot on the French Riviera, this is a beautiful movie, best experienced on a big wide silver screen, like the one in the historic Orinda Theatre.

Next, we have a couple of 24-karat movie stars to watch: Cary Grant and Grace Kelly. No offense to Ben Affleck and Rosamund PIke—they're terrific in Gone Girl—but it's hard to top Grant and Kelly in terms of movie star wattage. They look gorgeous in To Catch a Thief, wearing costumes by the great Edith Head. It does not get more elegant than that.

Another fun fact: The film To Catch a Thief is based on a novel by East Bay native David Dodge, a Berkeley-born former accountant who found a calling writing detective novels and travel stories. As someone who writes travel stories and has a true crime detective book coming out (with a based-on-the-true story movie in the works), I can only imagine how excited Dodge was when he found out that Alfred Hitchcock wanted to film his book, and cast Cary Grant and Grace Kelly in the leads.

So, by all means, mark your calendar for November 13 and head on over to the Orinda Theatre to watch To Catch a Thief.

Did I mention that the screening is FREE? Because it is.

The fun starts at 7 p.m., please arrive early to find parking and the best available seats. As always, we will give away specially-made cupcakes as prizes for our trivia contest before the film, thanks to our generous friends at Republic of Cake.

See you at the movies!