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Fun With Kids: Disney on Ice comes to Oakland

Skater Kim Becker checks in with Diablo to share the inside scoop on the Disney skating spectacular, which comes to Oakland October 26–30

For East Bay families with young kids, here’s a big tip for the weekend: Disney on Ice: Passport to Adventure is coming to Oakland’s Oracle Arena October 26–30. I had a chance to chat with Kim Becker, one of the production’s skaters, to get the scoop on how the show is put together any why little kids love that Frozen movie so much.

Hi Kim! What was your favorite Disney film growing up?
One of my very favorites was Pochahontas.  I loved the music and would sing the songs in my basement while watching the movie over and over.

What’s going on backstage during a Disney on Ice performance—is it orchestrated or utter chaos?
It’s very orchestrated. We have skaters getting ready, props being moved and special effects being prepped, so we have as much backstage choreography as onstage choreography. Its really fascinating to see how it all comes together.

Which characters do you play in Passport to Adventure?
I’m Mrs. Darling from the Peter Pan section—I’m out there with Tinkerbell and Peter Pan. That’s one of my favorite segments throughout the show. I’m also in the “Under the Sea” number from The Little Mermaid and I’m in the Arendale section from Frozen.

I wanted to ask about Frozen. I’ve not seen little kids react to a movie the way they react to Frozen—what is it about that film that makes kids want to watch it 1,000 times in a row?
I think that kids love that Frozen is about this connection between siblings rather than a romance. They love the connection that Anna and Elsa have as sisters. I think little kids can connect with that relationship.

Also, obviously, the music and movie were incredible—the songs are so catchy.

Are you able to see the audience respond—especially the kids—during a performance, or do you have to stay so focused that you don’t notice them?
Oh, we can see their faces. There is amazing lighting, sound and special effects going on, but I can see every kid smiling, waving, and dancing. It’s a very interactive show, there are lots of parts where we get very close to the audience and wave at them. I love those parts of the show because I can see the little ones light up.

Click here for information about the Disney on Ice: Passport to Adventure performances, October 26–30 at Oracle Arena.