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Free movie: THE EXORCIST

One of the most successful horror films of all-time screens for free on October 8 in Orinda

As a lifelong fan of horror films, I always get excited to pick the October movie for our classic film series at the Orinda Theatre.

With Halloween just around the corner, it's always fun to pick a spooky movie to show to the hordes of film buffs who attend this extremely popular film series. Past October entries in the series have included Alien, Poltergeist, Psycho, and Rosemary's Baby—all great horror films that are scariest when seen on a big screen without the luxury of a pause button.

This year, we decided to pull the trigger on the King Kong of horror—William Friedkin's spectacular, supernatural spook-fest, The Exorcist.

To be honest, I've been nervous about showing this one, as it is one of the most intense and unsettling films I have ever seen. I've probably watched The Exorcist five times over the years (just once in a theater), and it has gotten under my skin each time. There is something powerful about the palpable sense of evil, and its implications when inhabiting the body of a young child, that is just so freaking scary.

If you've seen The Exorcist, you know exactly what I am talking about. If you haven't, and you like horror films, then you really need to mark your calendar for October 8, when we show this amazing, intense, terrifying movie on the Orinda's great big screen. And if horror isn't your thing, just make sure to come back in November, when we show The Godfather, and/or December, when we show White Christmas.

As always, we will kick off the evening with a trivia contest—if you get called on, and can answer a question correctly, you'll win a pair of cupcakes from our friends at Republic of Cake.

The Exorcist shows on October 8 at 7 p.m. at the Orinda Theatre. Please arrive early to find parking and seating, which is first come, first serve.

See you at the movies!