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Men's Fashion Tips

Suits and casual clothes to help you seal the deal


Photography by Caroline Schiff; Shot on location at the Port of Benicia

When dressing for the office, keep in mind …

*Patterned shirts and ties are the best way to express individual personality. Go beyond a solid white or blue shirt. Combining colors, textures, and patterns will project a youthful, confident image.

*Good-looking and well-cared-for shoes are noticed more than you may think. Take time to keep your shoes in shape, with frequent polishes and heel and sole replacements. Use shoe trees for storage. Proper shoe care can extend the life of your shoes for up to 20 years!

*Business attire is defined as a matching suit coat and slacks, a dress shirt and tie, and leather-soled shoes. Business casual is just one step down from that—a sport coat, dress shirt (tie optional), and dress shoes—not a golf shirt and khakis (that’s just plain old “casual”) and is not appropriate in a business setting.

*Sweaters are a great look for business casual. They can be worn over a casual button-down shirt (tie optional) or solo with a sport coat.

*”Smart-care” fabrics are perfect for traveling businesspeople. Wrinkle-free, stain-resistant garments can be a lifesaver for the spill-prone executive.

*Finally, whatever you do, don’t button the bottom button on a sportcoat. When it comes to buttoning, think always-sometimes-never. The top button of a jacket is always buttoned; the middle can sometimes be buttoned (wearer’s choice), and bottom is never buttoned. That’s just the way it is.


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