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Real Deal

Enjoy local whiskey!


In marketing brand-name spirits, there are a lot of tall tales. Not so for Wylie Howell Whiskey.

“You can watch the commercials with the Jameson guy jumping overboard to save his whiskey: That’s bull, total BS,” says Martinez-based Wylie’s Matt Jones. “With us, it’s not a fake thing. It really happened. There’s deep blood history.”

That history is written right on the whiskey’s beautiful, hand-crafted ceramic jugs, opposite a grainy mug shot of Jones’ great-grandfather, Wylie Howell—a Prohibition-era Kentucky moonshiner who was convicted (unjustly, the family says) for killing a sheriff. It’s what inspired Jones’ father, Greg, to create his award-winning whiskey made with whole grain, non–GMO sweet corn, and malted barley.  

The result is a drink that’s sweeter and smoother than any 120-proof alcohol has a right to be, making it perfect for sipping on cool nights or blended into a seasonal cocktail (recipe below).  

Greg recently passed away, but Matt and his sister, Amy, say that makes them more determined to keep the whiskey flowing. “There’s a legacy involved, a family history, and we’re carrying on that tradition,” he says. “It would make my father happy.”

For more info, go to wyliehowell.com.


Jennifer MartinéWylie Baked Apple

1 ounce fresh pressed apple juice
3/4 ounce fresh lemon juice
1/2 ounce pure cane simple syrup
Dash baked apple bitters
1 3/4 ounces Wylie Howell Whiskey
Sliced apple

Mix first five ingredients, shake well, and serve over ice. Add apple slice for garnish. Serves one.

Courtesy of Barrel Aged Restaurant and Cocktail Lounge, Martinez


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