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Living Works of Art at NorthCreek Church

As a holiday tradition, a Walnut Creek church transforms actors into living works of art­—with the help of a little paint and makeup.


Courtesy of NorthCreek Church

Every year, Brent Moutier spends months planning and prepping NorthCreek Church’s annual Christmas presentation, The Story. As The Story’s director, Moutier organizes the painting and posing of actors and set pieces so they resemble famous works of art. The results (see above) make it hard to distinguish life from art.


Q: What does it take to put the production together?

A: I start looking for art the previous year; it’s hard to find [pieces] that work. It takes about a year to build the art, and 250 to 300 volunteers are involved.


Q: How much makeup do you use?

A: We use around 20 gallons of specialty makeup over the six-show run.


Q: Do you disguise the actors’ eyes?

A: Cast members’ eyes are almost completely closed because we can’t have them blink onstage. We paint eyes on their eyelids. Even standing next to them, it looks like real eyes. It’s pretty scary.


Q: Does the crowd have a favorite?

A: The Last Supper. I think it’s because everyone on the planet knows this piece. December 10–13, $7–$25, thestoryinart.com.

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