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Teresa Shen, L.AC— Eastern Medical Center

Acupuncture, Acupressure, and Herbs

5933 Coronado Lane, Suite 100, Pleasanton

(925) 847-8889 | www.easternmedicalcenter.com

Channeling the power of the body to heal itself. According to Chinese medicine, there are 12 meridian channels that carry energy throughout the body. When one or more of those channels are blocked, energy may become uneven, resulting in physical or emotional pain. This is where Dr. Shen comes in. As a fourth generation practitioner, Dr. Shen brings passion and experience to her healing methods, in order to create an even energy flow. Some of the ailments that she works to relieve are sleep issues, hormone imbalance, digestive conditions, stress, and anxiety. While acupuncture is a large part of the practice, other specialized services like fire cupping and acupressure are available. “Be gentle to your body. And listen to your body by empowering your mind,” Dr. Shen says. “Natural health heals and transforms the body from the inside out.”

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