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Jeffrey Mark, MD, and Frances Mark, PharmD—All Functional Health

Anti-Aging Solutions

111 Deerwood Road, Suite 168, San Ramon

(925) 736-8228 | www.allfunctionalhealth.com

It was a personal experience that drove Drs. Jeffrey and Frances Mark to hunt for a more holistic approach to health and found All Functional Health. When functional and regenerative medicine helped cure Dr. Frances’s chronic health issues, Dr. Jeffrey knew he wanted to help others the same way. This passion shines through in his triple-board certifications, as well as his recent stem cell fellowship, which allows him to offer cutting-edge nonsurgical PRP and Cellular Regenerative Therapy for everything from hair restoration to joint repair. “With each patient, we look at every factor in their life and history, because everyone’s health is different,” Dr. Jeffrey says. “We try to optimize health for all people and turn back the hands of time.”


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